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Gotta Love Jillian

Good morning!

Boy, am I feeling that workout from Jillian yesterday!  I can feel it in my arms, legs, and abs – I think this is my favourite workout of hers yet!  But, my legs are too sore to get in a good run so it looks like today’s workout will be a long walk and maybe some yoga.  I’ll see how I feel after lunch.

For breakfast, I made oatmeal and coffee, of course!



The only complaint I have about the rice milk is that its watery.  For most dishes it doesn’t matter too much, but for coffee it doesn’t do a good job!

In the oatmeal this morning:

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal, rice milk, water
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp flax
  • splash of vanilla
  • 1/3 cup blueberries
  • 2 tbsp granola
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter

Plans today are to finish cleaning, do some shopping with my sister, and then work on the thesis!

Bye for now!




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Fun with Cabbage

I decided to use up one of the leftover chickpea patties for lunch today.  I made a wrap in a whole-wheat tortilla with fresh mozzarella cheese, crumbled chickpea patty, cucumber, tomato, celery, jalapenos, and PC’s Sweet with Heat mustard.  It was pretty big to wrap up so I snapped a shot before I tried!



As I suspected, once I wrapped it up there was no letting go!

After lunch, I wanted to go for a run outside but it really looked like it might rain!  I settled for trying Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones workout video.  Jillian hasn’t let me down yet!  I’m sure I’ll be feeling it tomorrow!

I had a quick snack after my workout, a handful of cherries and a Glo Bar.


After some cleaning and organising for the rest of the afternoon I whipped up a quick pasta dinner.


I cooked some whole-wheat penne and made a creamy sauce using rice milk, mushrooms, rosemary and cabbage!  It turned out delicious!


After dinner I was really feeling like something sweet so I whipped up some vegan cookies from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan.  I’ve been wanting to make this recipe for a while!  The Chocolate Chunk Spice Cookies definitely lived up to my expectations.


Now, I’m just having a Wildberry tea while I finish up some more writing.  Not looking forward to the weekend full of work that lies ahead of me!


Happy Friday! 😀



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Flying Solo

Good morning! 

I’m flying solo for the next 12 or so days while Beth is off gallivanting in England.  I promised I would post all of my meals in order to fill the place of her daily post.

I woke up late this morning.  I slept in because I was up several times throughout the night awaking to the sound of pounding against the wall.  It sounded like the people upstairs were hanging pictures?  I’m not sure what it was, but it was loud and it was 3AM!  I cannot wait to get out of this apartment!  I really do not enjoy living in a building at all.

I used up the last two slices of mini cinnamon raison bread from the freezer for breakfast this morning, along with a cup of coffee.


I`ve got big plans today to finish up a big chunk of my thesis and to get in a workout at some point.  I have been slacking a bit in the exercise department this week so I am anxious to get in a good workout today!

Be back later!



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Bye Beth!

I must admit, I am so jealous of my co-blogger’s vacay!  How sweet would it be to be in England right now? 😛

For some reason I had no appetite today.  I think it is because I was feeling so stressed!  You know you’re stressed when you stop thinking about food…

So, for breakfast I had a couple slices of mini cinnamon raisin bread that I wanted to eat up!  It’s been in the freezer a while.


And of course a cup of coffee.  Tried the rice milk in it… seemed to be okay!


I had a late lunch/early dinner around 4PM.  I made up a random plate of food.  Started with two slices of fresh bread with apple butter and homemade strawberry rhubarb jam that my grandma made.  Mmm…

DSC00841 DSC00840

I also had a bowl of Activia plain yougurt with some trail mix on top.  And then threw a handful of cherries on the side.



It was just what I needed!

As for tomorrow, I am officially in charge of the blog until Beth returns!  Wish me luck! 😀



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One more!

Time for one more quick post! I’m glad too because I want to share last night’s supper – it was good!!

Since I’ll be gone for one of my roommate’s birthdays we had an early celebration with dinner out last night. We went to Cafe la Ruche in Georgetown which I’d been wanting to try for a while. It always looks so adorable when I walk past. We got to sit outside and the evening’s weather was just perfect! Warm with a gentle breeze. Ahhh.

We both started with a glass of wine and the gazpacho.

 Food Blog 014

I’m afraid the pics came out a bit dark since it was nighttime – now with the auto adjust now they look a bit grainy! Can’t win, but hopefully the food still looks a delight.

For my main, I ordered the croque monsieur which came with a nice salad. It was so delish I ate the whole thing!

Food Blog 016

I did manage however to leave a bit of the soup salad and roll so I’d have room for dessert! Gotta get your priorities in order, right!? We shared a banana chocolate tarte per the waitresses recommendation. Ohhh yum.

Food Blog 018

Nothing like a nice, light dinner right before you fly… Eek!

Finally, this morning I had a nice bowl of apple oats (and a nice crisp pic). 

Food Blog 021

Now for some last minute packing, a quick stop at the gym, a shower and I’m off!

Cheerio! (corny)


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Another Grocery Success

As I mentioned yesterday, I have discovered something fabulous that makes salads super easy for me!  Here it is…


So, what is it?  It’s a FridgeSmart Tupperware container that is designed to make fresh produce stay fresh for longer.  At first, I wasn’t much of a believer.  But, once I washed all my veggies and tossed them in I realised that 1.5 weeks later they were still good as new.  Apparently, this is all due to the “vents” that you see at the front that allows them to breathe.  These are smart containers!


I also have a smaller one that I keep berries in.  I LOVE that one because I love my berries, but always have a hard time finishing off the big containers.  This definitely helps them stay fresh! 

As for the veggies, I wash up all my salad toppers and keep them in the big container.


I love it because I have NO excuse not to make a perfectly delicious and healthy salad within minutes!  It makes things so much easier.  I love it!

For lunch today I made a salad with the leftovers from dinner last night.  I crumbled a chickpea patty on a bed of lettuces, tossed on a couple leftover potatoes and drizzled the leftover sauce over everything.  It was very filling, but very good!


After lunch, I decided to face grocery shop #3 of the challenge.  I’m happy to report it was a success!  I spent $33.74 in total.  I think I am really starting to get a handle on this! 🙂  Here’s the shop:


I even indulged a little this week with the fresh bakery bread.  Though, I must admit that I did have a little help this week because my Mom sent me some fruit from home; so I didn’t have to buy a lot of it. 

Aside from that, this week I tried rice milk – usually I buy Almond Breeze but it is more expensive.  Hopefully the rice milk is okay!  I also realised that red peppers are almost double the price of green peppers.  Being a fan of red peppers I still went for it, but if you like the green then that’s a great option!  Oh, and the avocado was $1.34!  I don’t buy them often so I’m not sure what the price should be, but I think that’s pricey!

Alright, off to bed for this gal!



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I feel like I’m 10 years old again because I am SO EXCITED for England!!! Today is my last day of work and then I’m off for TWELVE DAYS which is the longest time I’ve had off since I started working full-time, almost 2 years ago. I am in need of this break in a big way and I’m just hoping to relax, unwind and come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on life with a renewed zest!!

I slept quite a bit better last night, although I still woke up a few times with things on my mind. Hopefully once I’m officially in England all my stresses will melt away and I’ll get back to some good solid zzz’s.

Speaking of vacation, I should warn everyone that I will be a little absent for the next bit here. Aaron has graciously offered to post ALL her meals while I’m gone to keep you readers entertained, so look forward to that! In the meantime whenever I do have access to a computer (whenever that may be) I’m going to try to get in some posts. I’m sure I will be eating TONS of delicious food so of course I’m going to want to share as much as I can!

Speaking of delicious food, let’s get back to some pics.

Here’s last nights dinner – a smoked salmon salad.

Food Blog 085

 It was:

  • 1/3 bag spinach
  • 15 almonds
  • some roasted red and yellow peppers
  • smoked salmon
  • a scoop of peach salsa
  • 1 tbsp. raspberry gorgonzola dressing

And the last of some rosemary and cracked pepper crackers. It looked so yummy but it wasn’t all I’d hoped for for some reason and I ended up throwing some away! Boo.

This morning I did my first run all month!! My leg is feeling much better so I thought I’d give it a gentle try. I got on a treadmill and did 5 minutes warm-up, 20 minutes of running and 5 minutes cool down. I actually felt great! Now as long as I have no pain afterwards I’d say I’m good to go again. yay! I also did some arm, leg and ab strength training and some stretching.

After the gym I came home and cooked up the rest of my pancake mix from yesterday. This time I mashed up a banana and put it in the mix.  Wow-ie was it good. It made the pancakes dense and doughy in the middle which I love!! I topped them with a tbsp. maple syrup, a tsp. of peanut butter and some dried cranberries and cinnamon.

Food Blog 086

And some pumpkin spice tea. Deeeelish. I love pancake breakfast.

I don’t fly until 3 tomorrow so in the hopes that I’m well-organized, I will try and put up a post tomorrow before I go.

My goal for the vacation is to practice moderation so I can enjoy every moment and not feel weighed down by too much food too many times. I know we will be very well-fed everywhere we go and I want to savor each moment to the fullest :O).

I read something on KERF a while ago that I thought was fantastic and I have it saved on my desktop.

Enjoy your holidays and remember: Only put it in your mouth if you’re going to savor every bite and REALLY enjoy the pleasure of food. Try not to mindlessly eat ‘just because it’s there.’ Your brain may be on a holiday, but your body deserves the same respect on Christmas as every other day of the year.”

I know it’s not Christmas, but I think the same concept applies!!

Okay farewell readers, hopefully I’ll pop by for a quick goodbye tomorrow!


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