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…You know the rest. Well, that’s how I felt about yesterday, so I decided not to blog. Today is a new day and so I am just going to press on with a good attitude :O).

My camera is suffering from blurry picture syndrome lately. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s going to die! It’s been with me since my college sophomore year trip to Australia and I think we have a bond I’d prefer not to break. Plus, as I mentioned before, spending money on technology just irks me. New purses are just so much more pleasant to shop for :O).

Well, now I’m just off topic. What I meant to do is show you my fuzzy breakfast.

 Picture 003

A warm banana mashed with a tbsp. of flax on 2 pc. wheat bread with maple almond butter and cinnamon. One of my faves. I was supposed to meet my friend for coffee this morning but an unplanned Dr. visit prevented it from happening. Buuut I still felt I would like a coffee made by someone other than me :O). White Russian flavor! A good morning attitude improver is alcohol flavored caffeine. hehe.

Aaaand, as I’d hoped Monday’s sore throat is almost non-existant today. I attribute this to mass quantities of sleep. Now that I’m feeling wonderful again expect some serious work-outs in my future this week. Eek.



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A Blog Break

Is needed today. No worries! I’ll be back tomorrow :O)


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Sleepy Head

Well happy Monday everyone. 

I think I’ve discovered the cause of my extra sleepiness lately. I’m getting sick! I generally have a pretty good immune system so my sicknesses begin with a sore throat and clear themselves up before it gets much worse. I woke up with a massively sore throat this morning, so I’m hoooping that’ll be the case this time. In the meantime tea and throat drops are making me feel a bit better :O).

I had to stick around for the exterminator this morning – we have little mice in our house! (ew) – so I had lots of time for a nice brekkie.

Picture 002

2 TJ’s waffles with a banana, Justin’s maple almond butter, tbsp. maple syrup and cinnamon. Yummm. Of course, coffee came too.

Post breakfast I did my grocery shopping – it is so. nice. to go in the morning while everyone else is at work. Trader Joe’s is madness during peak hours! I think I may start making weekday grocery shopping a regular habit. It seems a shame not to take advantage of my mornings to do more than work-out.

And now it’s the work day. Things have been (kind of) quiet today so fingers crossed it will be a less hectic week. September is kicking my ass! I need to get home, go to bed and wake up in perfect health tomorrow. Finger’s crossed!


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Yes, I Took 2 Naps Today

How can the weekend be ending already?? I swear it feels like it just began!

I had a pretty lazy Sunday, let’s be honest. The only somewhat productive things I did are go for a walk in Rock Creek Park and go to CVS. You know how unproductive you’ve really been when going to CVS is considered an accomplishment :O). I did however, manage to take not one but two naps. Oh goodness Beth.

I also went out for a lovely dinner, with my friend. We went to Firefly, which I’ve never been to before, but was very impressed with! They have a really good early bird special – a glass of wine, green goddess salad, corn chowder and a burger with truffle fries or seared tuna BLT for $23.

Sorry in advance for the poor picture quality!! My poor old camera just doesn’t take well to dim restaurant lighting.



The soup and salad were excellent. The fries were to die for. And, I’m told they actually reheat well, so I can look forward to that tomorrow. The burger was a bit overdone for my taste, but I think that’s my own fault for ordering medium-well. oops.

And now for the extra yummy bit – we split the pumpkin cheesecake– served on carrot cake with marshmallow whip cream and pumpkin brittle. Heaaavenly.


There was only one little polite bite left standing :O).

Despite my naps I’m actually crazy tired still so I think it’s bed time for this girl! See you tomorrow bloggies.


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Kicking the Habit

Good evening!

What a wet, wet Saturday it is. I slept in a bit (too much) this morning and then got up for some banana oats.


  • 1/3 cup each soy milk/oats/water
  • splash of vanilla
  • tbsp. flax
  • tbsp. coconut
  • tbsp. dried cherries
  • 1/2 serving dark chocolate chips
  • tsp. peanut butter

Perfectly oaty weather, which made them extra yummy :O). It wasn’t raining quite yet, so after a bit of laundry and digestion, I set out for a nice run. Aaaand of course that’s when the rain began! I normally wouldn’t mind but I was very worried for my iPod! I tucked it into my pants and hoped for the best – luckily it made it. A bit of strength training, a few chores and a shower and it was time for lunch.


Sooo this was kind of dreamed up in my head after reviewing the contents of my fridge/cabinet. But it turned out lovely!

I took a can of salmon and mixed it with some Fage, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, curry powder, a few chopped pickles and brie. I didn’t have any bread so I used rice cakes to serve it on. Actually very delish! A nice little apple on the side.

And then it was time for a weekend treat. hehe. I have horrible nails. I used to bite them, but I successfully quit last year. Since then they’ve been a lot better of course but I can never seem to successfully grow them all out. Always one breaks, then another, next thing you know I have to cut them short again. Buuuut recently, I finally managed to grow them all out! So of course, I needed to treat myself to a manicure. After lunch, that’s just what I did!


Aren’t they beautiful :O). Fabulous incentive to never bite them again.  And that’s well worth every penny!

What are your bad habits?

Tonight my nails and I will be out and about so it’s just about time to start getting ready. See you all tomorrow!


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FridayFridayFridayFriday – Thank GOD.

I woke up feeling lovely this morning, craving a nice run. It was awesome running weather – cool and cloudy. I love the sunshine but you can’t beat a nice cool breeze when you’re getting sweaty. I did some strength training back at home, while watching the Today Show. I’m a Today Show addict. And then it was breakfast/shower/get ready/work. Work was work and now it’s over – wooo!

Although there was a little surprise drinking last night, I felt I could really use a glass of wine when I got home tonight. 5 minutes later, look what I found!


How strange. This was a Trader Joe’s wine – kind of not good to be honest. It’s a Pinot Noir, which I know should be light, but this is almost like wine flavored juice. Juice is not what I wanted. I am still drinking  it as I type this entry however, so I suppose that says something :O).

And then I made dinner.


Whole wheat pasta in some crab marinara sauce (yummm) with herbed feta cheese on top and  1/2 an avocado with a little balsamic dressing in the middle. All of my pretty plate from Louisa-bell.

So we will see what the night has in store. Maybe pajamas and wine? Or maybe I will act like my young self should and rally. I’ll let you know in the AM :O).


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Let’s Get Boozy

My posts just keep getting later and later!! How I’m missing the leisurely work days of the summer already…

I went out for a very yummy lunch today at Matchbox with our most recent new hire. Matchbox is where my corporate colleague took me on my first day in DC (7 months ago already!??) and I’ve been meaning to go back since. Sadly though, the wait time is always insaaane. We went at 3 PM today, which I thought would be prime time to get a table right away – and we were in luck! My pizza was delicious; I meant to take pictures and failed. Luckily though I saved half, so you can see the leftovers tomorrow. Seeing pictures of leftovers is almost as fun as eating them :O).

I am just loving eggs lately. Tonight, I made an omlette. I was actually super hungry by the time I got home and omelettes are so quick and wonderful for dire hunger situations.


I sauteed a bit of garlic  in a bit of butter, added some peppers, added some eggs, topped with some turkey, feta and cooked. I topped the finished product with some Fage and salsa and voila! So yummy. So quick. Whole wheat toast on the side.

The best part of dinner was the alcohol. hehe. By the time I got home from work my roommates had a bottle of wine open and were half way to drunk. I joined them with some sweet tea vodka– looove – and then we all finished with some African liquor.



Sorry for the somewhat dim pics, apparently we like mood lighting. I’ve never had this liquor before, but it came highly recommended by my roomies!  Like Kaluha but almost fruity?? Very enjoyable. It was a fun fun evening and a perfect way to blow off a little “it’s almost the end of the week” steam. In fact, I just opened my email and look what I found:

Subject: I would just like to say…


that we should do this EVERY thursday 🙂

you guys = best roommates ever

me = drunk drunk drunk

me = happy happy happy

hahahaha. I won’t tell you who did it but it made me laugh. I am not quite so messy at the moment but I give credit to those who are!!

See you tomorrow. I’ll provide you with something a little healthier then I hope :O).


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