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Getting In the Spirit

Happy Halloween!! So now the day is actually here, I am getting in the spirit a little :O).

I didn’t sleep so well last night which is always annoying. The weekends are all about catching up! I felt super dehydrated and kept waking up needing more water. So while it may not have been the most exciting element, the star of this morning’s breakfast was a giant glass of H2O.


I also had a yogurt bowl, which doesn’t look so yogurty since it was the base. I used a TJ’s blueberry greek yogurt, a cup of 365 apple cinnamon Cheerios, a tbsp. of flax and a chopped up kiwi. I finally got brave and tried a skin-on kiwi after seeing it all over blog-world and liked it! That’s great news because skinning a kiwi seems like a pain. Coffee with a bit of cream and sugar and breakfast was served.

After breakfast I went back to bed for a little but finally gave up on sleep and went for a run. It was a great day for running, overcast but still quite warm. I did a bit of arm and ab strength training when I got back home.

After showering and tidying up a bit I made some lunch.


This sandwich was sooooo good. I think my run-induced appetite may have helped a bit! I put 2 slices of smoked gouda and a piece of tukey on 2 pieces of buttered whole wheat bread and cooked for a few minutes on each side. I added a little hot sauce on top since that makes everything taste better :O). And an apple for a healthy dose of fruit.

I’ve been running around collecting bits and bobs to complete my (lazy girl’s) costume and bought a small mocha on the way home, so hopefully I’m wide awake by the time tonight rolls around! I’ll try to get a few pics of the fun to share tomorrow :O).

Enjoy your Saturday nights!



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Happy Halloween Eve everyone!

I’m actually not a big fan of this holiday. I hate being scared since I am quite possibly the world’s jumpiest person, I am horrible at coming up with costume ideas, and nothing about it is warm, or pretty, or loving, which is what makes me love the holidays I do. What is exciting about Halloween is that once it’s over Thanksgiving is next and then the fun holidays are underway! And that really is the most wonderful time of the year :O).

Even though I’m not a fan, I do feel it’s important to enjoy my youth so I will be celebrating after all. My costume is far from ready, but hopefully I will have some exciting pics to share tomorrow. Until then you will just have to be in suspense!

Last night I was in bed by 10:30PM. Apparently these early days wear me out! But, at least I no longer feel like a bat.

So after nine hours of sleep I didn’t feel too bad for myself when my alarm went off this morning, especially as it meant it was time for a delicious breakfast.

Picture 055

2 pieces of whole wheat toast with a warm, mashed banana, Justin’s Maple almond butter and cinnamon. Yummm.

I feel like an idiot. After all that fuss I made yesterday contemplating the Fit Bloggin conference, some wise readers pointed out I could just take the Amtrak. Why didn’t I think of that?? I have taken the Amtrak several times since I’ve been out here, so why that thought didn’t cross my mind is beyond me! With that, I signed-up for the conference this morning. I am so excited! My very first blog conference, what a milestone :O). Now I just have to wait til March, which seems a long way away right now!

In other exiting new, Zesty is doing another Blog Make-over contest!! I was so hoping he would. It would be a dream come true to win :O).

Enjoy your Halloweeny weekends everyone. I’ll be checking in  during mine.


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Decisions, Decisions

Good evening!

I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday already. My how the week has flown. I swear having Monday off made a world of difference. Perhaps I should look into implementing that every week?? :O). So today was my first day of my new “normal hours” 8:30-5:30 and it was just dreamy! I loved going into work at the same time as the rest of the world and leaving with them too. Although it made for one crowded metro ride, it’s nice to feel part of the masses sometimes, you know?

After work I headed home and then rushed around to make sure I could head back outside for a run in the park before it got too dark. (Oh hey, a rhyme!) It did get pretty dusky out there by the time I headed back in, but since lots of people were out for their after-work runs I felt pretty safe. After I got home I did some abs and arms strength training and then hopped in the shower quick.

AND THEN it was time for dinner.


This was one heck of a salad – arugula, tomatoes, orange pepper, roasted red and yellow peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, turkey, a dollop of hummus and salsa, a tbsp. of green goddess dressing and some goat cheese. On the side I had some Food Should Taste Good Olive chips. Yum! This took forever to eat which made it especially satisfying.

So, I’m contemplating this Fit Bloggin 2010 conference I heard about a few days ago. I’ve never been to a bloggy conference before and this one looks pretty fun! Best part is, Baltimore is very close to DC, so I wouldn’t have to fly or anything. Problem being,  I am carless in the city which means I usually do fly whenever I leave. But perhaps I could rent a car for the weekend or something? This is the first time I’ve been faced with the dilemma of something that’s so close yet so far away! I’m not sure what one does in this case. It just seems too good a fit to miss out on. I have to buy a ticket soon to get the Early Bird Rate so I better make up my mind. Anyone else going/thinking of it??

Think of all I’ve accomplished tonight and it’s only 8:30! Usually I’m just finishing work at around this time. I am loving this earliness already :O).


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The Abandoned Lunch Box

Today has been insane-o. Hence why it’s 10:00PM and I’m just now posting. It’s been my first chance to take a breath!

I had 2 doctor appointments this morning, of course, all the way on the other side of town from each other. Knowing I’d be in a rush today, I did some forward-thinking and packed my lunch last night. My plan was to go to my first appointment, swing by my house and grab my lunch and then head to the second. That way it wouldn’t be sitting out for hours and hours. Of course my plan didn’t work! I barely made it to my second appointment so there was zero time to pick-up my cute little lunch box. Poor guy.

So lunch was from Corner Bakery. I tried to make it as veggie-heavy as possible, without ordering salad, since I had that yesterday.


I ordered 1/2 of the California Grille on Whole Grain HarvestGrilled zucchini, artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, pesto, with fresh spinach & provolone with a bowl of Roasted Tomato Soup. No crutons since I figured the bread and chips more than fulfilled my carb requirement!

The sandwich was cold in the middle. Bummer. Other than that this was not a bad lunch as they go. However that lunch came in handy! After  super-busy day at work I wasn’t home until around 9:30 tonight, so yes, I ate my packed lunch for dinner :O). Whatever works, right?

In some exciting news, I’m going to be working “normal hours” 8:30-5:30 for the time being, starting tomorrow (usually I’m 12-8/9). I have been wanting this for a while so I’m happy happy about it. But tonight it means I just got home and it’s almost time for bed! So with that, I better get to relaxing. See you in the AM.


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Party’s Over

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday.

I’m back in DC after an early flight this morning. We had a fab evening of eats last night at Farenheit, so without further ado allow me to share!

I will admit I drank wine at lunch yesterday (oops!) but that’s what weekends of birthday fun are all about, right!? Because of that however, when we got to the restaurant last night I was in more of a cocktail mood. Farenheit’s cocktail list looked all-around delish to me but since I had to pick just one I went with the Apple Spice Martini. I wish I could list what exactly was in it, but it’s not posted online and my memory is not so good :O(. I do know it was apple, cinnamon, vodka and a cinnamon sugar rim. How about instead of me listing the exact ingredients, you can see a pretty pic?

Picture 049

Divine! It tasted like fall, which I loved.

We skipped appetizers and went straight for the main courses. I ordered the Crispy Fried Lobster TailsApple-Potato-Pancetta Hash, Braised Leeks, Toasted Pecan Buerre Blanc.

Picture 050

Ohhh goodness this was good. I don’t often have the chance to order lobster because it’s so pricey, but I do love it! The price was not bad on this dish and the amount of lobster was impressive! I also had little bites of everyone else’s food and I have to say I enjoyed it all. We were a little hesitant to try this place instead of going to one of the usual spots but I’m so glad we did. Definitely can be added to the repertoire!

Now for the best part.

Picture 053

Caramelized Banana and Mascarpone Cheesecake with berries and whip cream. I am always, always a chocolate dessert girl but selected this last night since my true love wasn’t on the menu. I am so glad I was forced to do so! The cheesecake had an awesome banana flavor throughout and the caramelized banana  slices on top were heaven on my tongue!

All in all a fantastic dinner. Good food and good company. Here we are!

Picture 052

From L to R. My Dad, me, my sister Louisa, my mum’s friend Kate, my mum.

And with that, the Mom/Sister birthday weekend comes to a close. I will miss them now I’m back in DC! But happy to be back :O). Now I need to do some laundry, groceries, unpacking, etc. etc. etc. Oh yes, and a serious food/booze detox!! See you tomorrow friends.


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Daddy-O’s Clambake

When we were little, my mum worked every Friday night and my dad would make us “Daddy-O’s Pizza” for supper. We thought it was so clever, although I think it may have been his way of getting us excited about eating pizza that hadn’t been ordered out for :O). Because my Dad travels so much, he tends to actually prefer to cook and eat in than out. And so last night, we had a Daddy-O’s Clambake <– family of nerds. It was delicious, which is what counts!

We started the evening with some champagne and presents. We chose pink champagne since it was 2 girlies birthdays!

europe 09 320

After my mum had opened all her gifts, we sat down for supper.

europe 09 324

europe 09 323

It was quite a spread! Corn, carrots and onions, BBQ chicken and clams. Here’s my plate all set up.

europe 09 327

It was all fantastic. After supper my sis opened her presents and then we had a bit of wine, cheese and chocolate before calling it a night. It was a super (filling) fun evening. So nice to have everyone together :O).

Tonight is the real, real birthday dinner and we’ll be heading to Farenheight in Tremont. THEN the celebrations officially come to a close. I think it’s just about time actually! It’s been a fantastic weekend but I’ll be ready to get back in my usual routine when I get back to DC tomorrow. I’ll be sure to re-cap our dinner when I check in next. Should be delish!


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Falling for Fall

Beautiful, beautiful fall Sunday. The leaves have hardly changed colors in DC, so it’s been a real treat to see the Ohio scenery this weekend. The trees look just gorgeous – makes me miss this state!

This morning I was up bright and early and was able to head out for a good run before meeting my friends for brunch. I ran for about half an hour (not sure what distance) and then did some ab work back at home.

After a shower, I headed out to Tremont to meet some friends at Lucky’s Cafe. This is my fave, fave breakfast spot in Cleveland. It was recently featured on the Food Network and so as I feared, it was a real hot spot this morning! It was great service considering. My best friend’s brother is friends with the owner and she said they worked for weeks before the show’s airing to ensure they were ready to handle the increase in customers. We only had to wait a little for a table and once we sat down everything was very efficient. So good work Lucky’s!

And now, please enjoy this picture of deliciousness.

50thFlMar08 195

Sweet corn griddle cakes with whip cream, drizzled with elderberry syrup and lemon verbena sweet corn crème anglaise. Oh my goodness these were good. Complete with a fish bowl of coffee, I was in breakfast heaven :O).

After breakfast we did a bit of shopping in the Tremont boutiques and then I headed back to my neck of the woods.  I promised my mum we’d go for a walk this afternoon so that should be up next. This evening my little sister comes home and we’ll be having some champagne, a clambake and give all our presents to the birthday girls. I love celebration weekends :O). See you tomorrow!


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