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Dinner and a Movie

And so it’s back to reality!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I really enjoyed mine, start to finish and was sad to go this morning. However, it is always good to be back in DC :O).

Last night’s farewell dinner was fabulous. I requested paella as my send-off meal because I think my Dad’s paella is seriously the best in the world.

And so beautiful too! The only disappointment was that a lot of the shellfish didn’t open up. I guess that just happens sometimes. The last thing anyone wants is to eat a bad muscle – I’ve never had seafood poisoning but I’d most certainly like to keep it that way!!

Here’s my plate. (trust that I had a little more after that was gone :O)

So good! That’s the type of thing I never cook myself, so it was a real treat to have it while I was home.

After dinner my parents and I watched Scrooged, with Bill Murray. OhMyGod that movie is bad. Anyone else?? I saw a list the other day that said it was one of the top 10 Christmas movies of all time! LIES. We ended up switching it off halfway through and watching The Soup instead – wayyyy funnier.

This morning I was up bright and early to fly back to DC. It’s been an insane-o day after a delayed flight and a very busy day of work so it feels good to finally be back home in my little apartment! I did some grocery shopping after work and looked like a huge NERD dragging my giant suitcase and lugging my groceries down the street but sometimes it’s just what a girl has to do! Always feels so much nicer to have fresh groceries in the house after being away.

Alright! So it’s almost time for bed (already!??) See you tomorrow for what is very hopefully a “back to normal” day.



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Sushi Din

I was a bit neglectful and missed my post yesterday – apologies! Being home is lovely but my schedule is way out of whack!

Last night I met some of my old friends from my time as a Borders Bookstore employee for a sushi dinner. The suburb of Cleveland that I live in is pretty blah in terms of restaurants but there is one sushi place that I just love. I think it’s my favorite sushi place of anywhere actually! The sushi is really delicious and their drinks are always so so good – nice and boozy :O).

My little sis came along too and we were there first, so we started with a cocktail while we waited for the others.

I ordered a Mango Vanilla Margarita which actually sounded a bit better than it tasted. I looove margaritas but I think they’re best unfussy. That’s what I get for being adventurous :O).

And then came the sushi. The four of us just ordered a bunch and shared.

We had a shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, Philadelphia and Little Delicious rolls. The Little Delicious was soooo yummy but it had a lot of elements and I’m afraid I don’t remember them all! We also had a sampler of  crab, mackerel, eel and yellow fin tuna. After so much turkey it was a nice break to eat something totally different. Yummm.

After dinner Louisa and I drove downtown for a glass of wine at my fave Cleveland wine bar which was quite the adventure! Apparently I lost all sense of direction in my year away.

So today is my last day in town before an early flight out tomorrow morning. I met up with my last friend I needed to see this morning so now I can just relax and enjoy a little family time before I take off. My dad is making a paella tonight which is my fave thing he makes :O). So expect some pretty pics of that soon!

I’ll see you back in DC.


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Hope everyone’s enjoying their Black Friday!

We woke up to the most gorgeous blanket of snow this morning – yay!!! I am so happy to see some snow while I’m in Ohio since I don’t think DC gets anywhere near as much. Now it feels like Christmas!!

My sister and I were brave and faced the mall this morning in search of bargains, but sadly didn’t see much. I’m sure there were some very good deals to be had but all those people makes everything quite overwhelming! Luckily there are many, many more days left in the shopping season :O).

After shopping I spent the rest of the day helping my mum decorate the house in holiday trimmings. Because I’ve had my Canadian college roommates in town for US Thanksgiving the last 4 years or so I haven’t helped decorate in forever!! So it was kind of fun to get into it this year.

After decorating for a few hours, we had worked up quite an appetite for dinner – and I’m sure you can guess what we ate!

Just as delicious as ever.

So now I’m just relaxing for a little bit…tonight my 12 best friends from high school are coming over to drink some wine and such in my parents’  basement – just like the good old days! I’m super excited to see everyone.

So that’s it for today! See you for the weekend.



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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving is not a huge deal in my family since we’re British, but I love our little celebration nonetheless :O). My mum, dad, sister and I started our day off with “The Phillips Trot.” Just like The Turkey Trot except it’s shorter and starts at 11AM instead of 8. hehe.

After our run and showers it was time to get cooking! My contributions to the meal were Sweet Potato Casserole and Corn Bread. The casserole was the same as the one I made for my work party last week and the cornbread was a new recipe, which my friend Jamie’s mom gave me. My dad says this is the best cornbread he’s ever had!


My little sis worked as my beautiful assistant and with her help everything came together wonderfully. Although I must say after cooking two dishes (with help) I have no idea how people pull together an entire meal on their own! I have a whole new level of respect :O). While everything was cooking up, we enjoyed some champagne, shrimp and nuts.

Fab. And then it was time for the main event :O).

And my plate:

A bit of everything except the sweet potatoes which I’m sick of after eating leftovers all week :O).

After some clean up and rest, it was dessert time.

Louisa was in charge of dessert and rumor has it this was the third attempt after a couple mishaps :O). hehe. But this one was delish!! It contained candied ginger which added a really nice touch to the standard pumpkin pie.

After all of that food I was more than happy to sit and watch “Love Actually” (love that movie!) for a few hours while we all digested. Then my sister had her best friend Ann over and me my best friend Emily. The six of us had a super fun evening of Cranium playing, which Emily and I dominated :O).

S o there you have it! Happy Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoyed their day, whatever you were up to.

I will see you for a Friday recap very soon.


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Thanksgiving Travel

Hello Friends!

Happy almost Thanksgiving :O).

Sadly, I have no delicious eats to post today because I’m on my way back to Cleveland to visit my family and my very favorite friends.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and I will be back with some very yummy home-cooked meals tomorrow :O).


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Zola Wine & Kitchen

Hello! It’s almost like today is Thursday right?? How much fun is that.

A while ago a couple of my friends from work went to Zola Wine & Kitchen for lunch and raved about it. Ever since I’ve been wanting to try it out. So when I got invited along today I just had to say yes :O).

It’s a pretty tempting deal – you can go on the Zola site, pick out what you want and order it. Then it’s all ready to eat by the time you arrive at the restaurant. For only around $10 a meal you can have really quality food in a much nicer setting than your usual quickie lunch spot. You can also order to-go, although we sat in.

After some debate I ordered the Entrée Salad with Seared Tuna (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, portabello mushrooms, crispy blue cheese ravioli, tomato vinaigrette) and a side of Goat Cheese Tots which came highly recommended.

Despite my enthusiasm, I must say I wasn’t really blown away.  That’s actually exactly what happened when I went to Zola (the main restaurant) a while ago. The menu looks soooo tempting, but then the food is just a bit lacking. The fish was cooked nicely, but the coating on the outside was very spicy and thick and totally overpowered the taste of the tuna. The salad itself was mostly a pile of lettuce and I didn’t find a single portabello. Sigh :O/. The tots were good – I didn’t love them – I felt they could have used a bit more goat cheese flavor. But one of my friends is a major fan so maybe that’s just me.

Anyway! Not to be a complainer! The atmosphere is very nice and the service was super friendly. So there’s that.

After lunch we strolled around the wine store a bit and they did have a very nice collection of wines, so I’d be happy to go back and explore that area some more.

So there’s much lunch for today. A lot fancier than what I usually pack myself anyway :O).

See you tomorrow for the last working day of the week!! Woooo.


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Back At It

Aww, back to the grind. At least it’s only a three day week! It’s always nice to have something to look forward to when returning from a particularly good weekend.

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so great this morning – I think all this weekend’s booze caught up with me :O/. So, breakfast was fairly simple.

1/2 cup of Dorset Cereal (like really yummy muesli) with a tbsp. of flax, 1% milk and a banana. OJ to drink. Simple and just what I was in the mood for.

So after work today I think I’ll be heading to the gym to try and sweat the last of the alcohol out which should help tremendously!! Hopefully by tomorrow I’m 100% again. <– old lady.

I leave Wednesday night to go home to Cleveland so I think the next few days are going to be quick quick quick!! I’m particularly excited for this visit because lots of my friends who are also out-of-state will be returning home too. Now that we’re getting older I feel like visits are so infrequent and it makes me very sad!! So this weekend will be fab. What is everyone else up to for Thanksgiving??

See you tomorrow :O).


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