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Welcome Home Nicole


Last night’s roomie dinner was wonderful. The occasion was to honor the return of Miss Nicole who has been in Paris for work these past few months. It felt so nice to have all four of us together again!

We each covered a component of the meal. Nicole was in charge of part one – wine and appetizers. We began with a bottle of Prosecco, olives, brie and fontana cheese with water crackers.

I was in charge of the main dish and got all my prep done ahead of time, so that I could sit and chill with everyone for a few minutes before heading in to the kitchen to get cooking. Our kitchen is not open plan, so it can be lonely in there if everyone else is out in the dining area. Instead we all had drinks together then all hung out in the kitchen together :).

I made Chicken Picatta with Capers  and Spaghetti while (other) Beth made us a salad.

This turned out pretty delish if I do say so myself! 🙂 I decided lemon would be a lovely, summery flavor which is what made me choose to make this particular dish. Nicole served us a red wine back from France with our meal which of course was dreamy.

Also dreamy? (Other) Beth’s salad.

She crafted this little creation in her own head. What an invention! Spinach with pom seeds, water chesnuts, artichoke hearts, prosciutto and goat cheese. So many wonderful flavors! The sweetness of the pom paired with salty prosciutto was awesome.

And thennn, it was time for dessert. A love cake!

Allison‘s contribution. This was a vanilla-lemon ice cream pie topped with chocolate and sherbert in a very loving fashion :).

Although we didn’t plan it, the lemon in dinner and lemon in dessert were a match made in heaven! And trust me, ice cream for dessert is so necessary in this summer heat.

 So there you have it! Roommate dinner complete. I wish we could do one every night! What can beat great food and wine with people you adore??

At least we have lots of leftovers for this evening :).

See you tomorrow!



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Easing Back In


It felt good to be back in my kitchen last night. The meal was semi-homemade. I like to ease back in you see :).

I bought the most delicious mushroom ravioli from Whole Foods. Definitely the star of this dish! To make, I cooked a chicken sausage in garlic and olive oil for a few minutes before adding a few handfuls of spinach. Meanwhile, my ravioli were boiling. Once the sausage was cooked, spinach wilted and ravioli tender and strained I added them to my pan with some tomato sauce. The finishing touch was some Italian truffle cheese. Oh my.

With my gym membership all sorted, I headed back to my Body Pump class this morning. The room was much cooler than it has been which I guess is the perk to working out at 7AM instead of 11AM, like I do on the weekends :). This June feels like August and I do not like it!

After a good work-out I came home for breakfast.

A whole wheat bagel topped with a warm mashed banana, maple almond butter and cinnamon. I was hangry this morning! This hit the spot.

So! Work today and a very exciting roommate dinner tonight. I love roommate dinners. We rarely get a chance to have them since we’re all super busy but when we do they are a beautiful occasion. I’m in charge of the main course so the PRESSURE’S ON!

See ya tomorrow with all the pretty pics :).


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Start of a Good Foodie Week

Hi There!

Sorry for my disappearing act yesterday. I was soaking up some much-needed pool time at Louisa’s apartment :D.

Of course, I was also soaking up some time with my little kitten-niece, who never fails to amaze me with her cuteness.

Oh Amelia Bedelia.  

You’ll be pleased to hear that although my gym membership did actually expire on the 9th of June I’ve managed to sneak in up until this point :). However today I have officially worn out my extended welcome so I had to renew this afternoon before I can be allowed back.

But never mind, because my gym-free morning was a bit more leisurely and it left some time for an extra yummy breakfast.

2 waffles topped with dollops of Fage 2% Greek yogurt, blackberries, tbsp. of maple syrup and cinnamon. Yum!  

Should be lots of lovely food coming up this week, including Chicken Piccata with Capers for our Tuesday night “we’re all back together again” roomie dinner and Strawberry Spinach Salad with Caramelized Pecans for a Thursday work potluck.

Stay tuned!


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All Over DC

Happy Saturday Friends!

My goodness do I love the weekend. I’ve got lots to share, so let’s dive in.

My friends and I had THE BEST sandwiches for lunch yesterday at Taylor Gourmet. The sandwich bread comes from Philadelphia and the meats and cheeses from Italy. So we knew it was going to be good :). What we didn’t know is how far away it was from our office! Half an hour walk in 90-something degrees = gross.

Oh, but kinda worth it :).

That’s the Columbus Boulevard – Proscuitto, roasted red peppers and mozzarella. Oh YUM. The bread was super fresh and chewy and the insides were just heavenly! Totally made up for our long hike there.

After work, I met my roommate Allison and her friend Eddie to go up inside the Washington Monument. The evening turned into quite the sightseeing expedition which was actually lovely given that the weather cooled down quite a bit. By the time we got to the WWII Memorial the sky looked gorgeous!

Oh DC, I love you.

After all our sites we headed back into our neighborhood for supper. I promised Allison that the meal was totally blog-worthy so please enjoy these beautiful pics :).

And I must say it was rather delicious!! My one gripe about where we live is that it seems to lack places that are both yummy and casual. If you want a fancy meal – no problem – but not so much if you are feeling less formal. So yay for Froggy Bottom :).

You may have noticed I didn’t cook much this week. And I’m sorry! It was crazy busy. But I’m expecting much more calmness from now on and I will be happy to get back to my kitchen.

In fact, that’s just where I was this morning, making these.

Buckwheat pancakes with dried cranberries, chocolate chips, maple syrup and peanut butter. Sleeping in then eating pancakes is pretty much the dreamiest way to spend a Saturday morning.

But then I went to my Body Combat class and almost died of heat exhaustion. Holy hotness in there. By the end even my shins were sweating. Who even knew shins could sweat? It was quite the picture.

So now we’re all caught up. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend :). See you tomorrow!


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Celebration Dinner

Yay for Friday! This week has totally kicked my butt. Tonight my friends and I have tickets to go up inside the Washington Monument which I’m excited for! I see the Monument most every day, but I’ve never actually been inside. So it should be interesting! However after that, I hope to hibernate for the entire weekend :).  I am woooorn out.

But last night I just had to rally, for The Pancake Girl and I had exciting news to celebrate! We did so with some delicious Thai  Coast.

I can’t believe I’d never been here until last night. It’s right near my house and so delightful! Luckily new-to-the city Joelle knows more about my neighborhood than I do :).

Cashew Nut Tofu Fried Tofu Sauteed with Onions, Scallions, Red Pepper, Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts.

I ordered this one after seeing a rave review on Yelp. Although I was a little torn between being wild and ordering something new or sticking with my usual Thai favorite – red curry – I’m very glad I strayed from tradition! I asked them to make this spicy and it was deeelish. I was also impressed with how much veg they included in the dish! That’s not always the case.

It was also perhaps the cheapest meal I’ve had in DC which is an extra bonus :).

And just like that, the weekend’s almost here! So excited to RELAX.

What’s your favorite Thai dish? Plans for the weekend??

See ya then!


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Decadence in the AM

I swear this week is flyyyyying – how is it Thursday already!?

Last night’s first book club meeting was a success, even though I didn’t *quite* finish the book in time :D. We ate some very yummy food and drank some refreshing cranberry champagne cocktails though! And really, isn’t that what book club is about anyway? I found it a bit funny that of the 7 of us there, 6 brought dessert. You can tell what women like, right!? ha.

I didn’t snap pics because to be honest I wasn’t quite prepared. But next time I will be sure to! However, I brought a mini brownie home from our array of sweet treats, which made for a lovely oatmeal topping this morning :).


My usual banana oats with a crumbled mini brownie, a tbsp. of pecans and a peanut butter spoon. How’s that for a little decadence in the AM?? 😉

So that’s what I’ve got for you today. See ya Friday!


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75 Pages to Go…

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I am an a big fan of the packed lunch for several reasons. Mostly that it is generally healthier and more cost efficient. However some days it’s just not possible! Yesterday was one of them.

Luckily there are a zillion options around our office for lunch. However, I do have a favorite…you may have noticed :).

Mixt Greens!

What I love about this place is that the salads/sandwiches are just so lightfresh and nicely prepared. I mean really, look how pretty it is! How often do you see something that beautiful in a lunch establishment?

This time I tried something new, the dagwood – mixt greens, roasted red peppers, roasted zucchini, roasted portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions, goat cheese, garlic croutons, lemon herb vinaigrette

It was soooo good. The croutons were crunchy and flavorful and the combination of flavors in veggies was just divine.

I spent my lunch hour reading, for tonight is our first book club meeting! My friend Rebecca from culinary school organized a book club among her friends and I’m excited to be a part of it. I know that probably makes me an old lady but I don’t even care! I always say I should do more reading and now I will have a great reason to.

This week we’re discussing Shanghai Girls. Have you read it? I am loving it. I say “am” because I still have about 75 pages to go :). I swear I’ll finish by tonight!

See you tomorrow friends.

– Beth

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