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Moving Day!

TODAY we make the big move from here:

To here:


Wish us luck!

See you tomorrow :).



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Mission: Eat the Fridge

Hi Hi!

I left you on Saturday afternoon, so let’s pick up there :). It’s “mission: eat the fridge” before moving day which is leading to some random inventive meals! Here’s Saturday’s supper.

TJ’s Lobster ravioli with mixed veggies and bucheron cheese. I jazzed up the flavors a little with some minced garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Actually quite delish!

Then it was time to head out for Joelle’s bday. Joelle just moved to a new apartment with the coooolest rooftop deck – totally jealous! Here we are up top, where we enjoyed some of that appropriately  named  Pancake Cellars wine before heading out.

I know, I’m tall :).

Here’s the view!

Joelle actually just moved to my neighborhood. So we’re neighbors for less than a week! What timing, right?? At least I’ll have lots of excuses to come back :).

Sunday I headed out to MD to spend the day poolside with my little sis. Before we headed down she made us a yummy Naan bread pizza lunch.

 With green peppers and tomatoes. I appreciate all opportunities to eat a meal not invented out of my last five fridge items :).

We had a lovely day at the pool before I headed back to DC to get some more moving prep done. And there goes my weekend!

I had an enjoyable 5 mile run this morning, down and around the National Mall to wave it a fond farewell. I am quite excited about the running trails in my new neighborhood since I know they are a lot more nature-filled than the ones I run along now. But I will miss running past the sites as the sun comes up!

So tomorrow is the big day! We’re moving all of our furniture ourselves so wish us luck. Pray no one gets flattened by a dropped piece of furniture :).


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Pancakes and Packing

Of COURSE I have time to blog today, because today is packing day and I always have time to do anything that does not involve that horrible chore :).

So let’s see what I’ve done instead. First, made pancakes! I HAD to make pancakes today because today is the day we celebrate the birthday of the one and only Pancake Girl. So in her honor:

Yum! Buckwheat pancakes with a tbsp. each of chocolate chips and dried cherries, topped with a tsp. of peanut butter, a tbsp. of maple syrup and cinnamon.

And then it was time to run. Sadly, I couldn’t go my favorite route because of the Glenn Beck rally today – which has taken over the whole National Mall – so I had to improvise  a bit. It was HOT by the time I got out there! But I got through it and it can be another little check on my to-do list :).

After my shower I did indeed pack for a few hours, before taking a little snack break.

Ricotta with cherries and clover honey. This tasted wonderful! But I suppose long runs and lugging boxes will do that to you :).

So that’s today so far! More procrastination packing is on the agenda for the afternoon and then it’s time to take off my yoga pants, pop open a bottle of Pancake Cellars wine and celebrate!

See you tomorrow :).


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Line-Up For Lobster

Happy Friday!

And today has been an especially happy Friday indeed, because my friends and I got to have lunch from the Red Hook Lobster truck which stopped right by our office. Since this food truck came to DC it’s been getting a lot of buzz and the line-up for lobster has a reputation for being looooooong. I’m afraid today was no different.

If you can see allll the way up to the top of the street – that’s where the line began! It took us two entire hours to get through. I love that I laugh when I see people waiting 2 hours for Georgetown Cupcakes and yet I did the exact same thing today for a lobster roll. It was hot hot hot outside in the sun but we just HAD to press on and see what all the fuss was about.

Finally we made it.

I ordered a lobster roll and a handmade lemonade. Photographed in the sunshine before running back to work!

Oh my, it was so. good. GIANT chunks of lobster – I even found a whole claw in mine! – on a soft, buttery bun. And a crunchy pickle to top things off. I was also extremely dehydrated and starving by the time we ate, which made both components taste especially wonderful. Perhaps that’s their trick?? 😉

So! This weekend is my last weekend in my old place! It’s time to get pack-a-lacking and soak up everything I’m going to miss in my old neighborhood.

See you then!


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Doing Something New

Yesterday afternoon I was reading my usual blogs when I came across  an idea I just knew I HAD to try! A peanut butter and jelly omelette! It did indeed sound a bit strange but really, eggs can go either way, right? Savory or sweet. So of course I whipped one up as soon as possible – dinner :).

So it didn’t go exactly as planned. Sadly, there were no clean spatulas to be found, which made the removal of the omelette tricky. It ended up coming out in a bit of a mess and I almost thought I’d have to call it a fail and start over. But it seems a shame to waste two salmonella-free eggs :), so instead I folded them in into a messy triangle and put them between two slices of wheat toast. With some delicious little cherries on the side. I enjoyed this sammie very much!! But wow was it messy. Peanut butter and jelly sure are melty when they are surrounded by warm eggs.

And today, as promised, I ran 8 miles. That is actually the furthest I have ever run in my life! It wasn’t so bad once I got going but I DID have one major problem. Half-way through I reeeally had to go to the bathroom! I was in the middle of the National Mall at this point, surrounded by museums but it was too early for any of them to be open. I spied some porta potties but it was such a tease because they were ALL LOCKED. Ugh. Luckily I remembered that the metro stations usually have bathrooms inside. I don’t recommend using metro bathrooms EVER because they are exceptionally creepy. But this morning I have never been so happy to see one!

Aside from that though, the run was just fine. And it feels good to make a personal lifetime achievement before the work day even begins! I thiiiiink I’ll be okay for my half-marathon (which is just over two weeks away now!) if I just keep at it.

Breakfast was identical to yesterday, so today I’ve got lunch for you instead. I rarely take pictures of lunch since Tupperware isn’t the prettiest thing to photograph but everything looks nicer in the sunshine, right??

A chickpea, tomato and bleu cheese salad, banana with pecans, honey and cinnamon and a blueberry yogurt. Enjoyed on our office’s roof deck (which offers a pretty nice view!).

I’m quite chatty today, aren’t I? I’ll leave you with that then, before this gets any longer :).

Question: When was the last time you tried something new?

See you tomorrow!


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Closing One Chapter…

I was not a good sleeper last night :(.

It’s hard sleeping in a room full of boxes! I have all kinds of mixed feelings about Tuesday’s move and those thoughts kept whirling around in my head. I feel like the house I’m in now is full of so many memories from this whole crazy year and a half since I came to DC and I’m sad to be leaving it behind. I didn’t know anyone when I came here and admittedly for a while, it was very hard. Fast forward to now and I really couldn’t love life any more than I do. I’m about to move to an awesome new place with sister and one of my favorite DC friends and I know it’s going to be a BLAST!  But it’s kind of like saying bye to my little solo adventure, you know? I don’t know. That was a bit of a ramble and this is a food blog :).

So let’s get back to business!

I am planning an 8-mile run tomorrow morning, so today I decided to go easy on my legs with a nice hour-long walk. After my walk, breakfast!

Ricotta with jam, strawberries and vanilla almond granola. Delightful :).

So that’s what I’ve got for you today my friends. We’ll pick back up tomorrow!


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Hey There!

Last night I finally took the plunge and turned our oven on. Problem is, our apartment is consistently boiling hot. Our landlord assures us the A/C is working properly but I don’t believe it for a second. Consequently, I prefer not to do anything that involves making our tiny kitchen any warmer than it already is, including turning on the oven.

But that leaves me in a bit of a dilemma because now I have a fridge full of things to cook! So, I just accepted the hotness and turned in on. Luckily I was wearing an extra long t-shirt that allowed me to take my pants off while I cooked. Weeee! 🙂

May as well kill two birds with one stone, so I baked up marinated tofu and nut butter-crusted sweet potato fries.

I started with the tofu in order to give it time to marinate. I stired the cubes with soy sauce, garlic and red pepper.

Then the sweet potato, with 1 tbsp. of almond butter, 2 tbsp. of peanut butter, 1 tbsp. of olive oil and some sea salt.


I sprayed my pans with a bit of canola oil, spread out my mixtures and popped them both in the oven at 375 F. The tofu took about 35 minutes and the sweet potato 10 minutes longer than that. I also made some steam-sauteed spinach with a drizzle of maple syrup and some coconut.


And there you have it! This meal was delish. And now I have lots of leftovers so I won’t be needing the oven again, at least for a few days.

Hurry up fall


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