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Can’t Look Away

I don’t care how overdone it is, I am totally obsessed with the Royal Wedding today. William was absolutely my #1 mega teenage crush!! So although I was hoping it would be me at the aisle today, I can’t deny he made a pretty decent pick :). How gorgeous are they!? Seriously, I can’t. stop. watching.

Friday’s foodie photo of the week!

S’mores French Toast by Buns in my Oven

I originally spotted the most divine looking grilled peanut butter and jelly on this blog which was certainly what made me click over. However then I came across this one and I’m pretty sure there can be no contest. To drool over this pic some more or go back to gluing my eyes to the Royal Wedding! Life is such a dilemma.

So the weekend! Tomorrow, Diana, Joelle and I will be making our excursion to meet and greet with the incredible foodie writer Amanda Hesser. And on Sunday a bloggie brunch at Lyonn Hall! The rest of my weekend will be spent shopping, packing and prepping for that little trip I’ve got coming up on WEDNESDAY to San Fran and Sonoma.

Such good things :).

Our dreams assured, and we all, we’ll sleep well. Sleep well…

– Stolen, Dashboard Confessional


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Happy Hour!

Good evening!

U Street is one of my very favorite locations in DC for evenings out – there are some super fun but mellow bars with good quality beverages – perfect for the mid-twenties/thirties age group. Bar Pilar has long been my fave in the area but after a trip to American Ice for a post-work happy hour, there may be some serious competition! 🙂 They have a great beer list (served in mason jars!) and some deelish barbeque. Plus I just adooored the atmosphere – set back in an old garage.


I suppose it’s time to accept my point and shoot camera is never coming back to me and I’m just going to have to buy a replacement. How I longed for one so I could show you my little mason bar of beer and our delicious pulled pork “swatchos”! I promise I’ll get on that soon.

In the meantime, how about some supper??


Mushroom gnocchi (I didn’t make it from scratch 🙂 ) and some tomatoes with truffle oil and fig balsamic. Easy peasy and ever so delish.

And so tomorrow’s Friday! I shall see you then.

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Whole Foods Heaven

The other week, my sis and I woke up at the crack of Sunday dawn and drove to the soon-to-be-closed Rockville Whole Foods for the promise of an entire store’s worth of groceries – 50% off! We arrived around 8am and OH MY was it packed. The shop had only opened at 7, yet the shelves were almost totally stripped! You could barely move and the check-out lines were hours long. We stuck it out for about 20 minutes before putting what few things we did manage to grab back on a random shelf and walking out. Ever since then I’ve been a bit mad at Whole Foods for unnecessarily disturbing my weekend slumber!

But as of this weekend bloggies, I so totally forgive them.

The NEW Rockville Whole Foods is seriously the amusement park of grocery stores! A mushroom bar, a bottle-your-own oil and vinegar bar, a grind-your-own flour bar, a grind-your-own nut butter bar, a specialty salt bar, a homemade pasta bar, a cookie bar, a coffee shop, the world’s most enormous hot and cold prepared foods bar…the list goes on! I have been to many a Whole Foods but never seen anything like this one.

We arrived around lunchtime after our Great Falls hike, so it was just the perfect time to enjoy this incredible selection :).

Cooking School 187

A salad, a Synergy tea and a cookie.

Cooking School 186

If I can recall, mixed greens, edamame, tomato, peas, red and yellow pepper, carrot, mushrooms, wheatberry salad with squash, seafood salad, salmon pasta salad, bleu cheese, sesame sticks and ginger miso dressing. Holy yum! 🙂

Cooking School 188

And the most deelish vanilla cookie sammie with raspberry jam, dipped in white chocolate.

I’d say it’s a good thing we ate first so as not to go toooo wild while shopping! A very good thing actually, since I plan to return this weekend with my friend Diana to meet our idol – food writer Amanda Hesser – who will be making an appearance! If you have not read “Cooking for Mr. Latte” you must. A dating memoir told through meals and recipes! I love it and totally want her life :).

See you tomorrow!

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Fractured Prune


Although I usually enjoy a healthy breakfasty start to my day, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a treat! And if you’re going to enjoy a treat, I say you go for the very best. Lucky for us, the most delicious doughnuts I’ve ever tasted are just down the road from our house!

A while back when my then pregnant best friend was staying with us, she announced that the (unborn) Baby Wyatt was craving a doughnut. Of course we have to accommodate that tiny craving! My roommate Anna had told me about Fractured Prune when we first moved in and that morning was just the perfect time to pay it a visit.

The doughnuts are hot and hand dipped with just about any topping you can imagine! Banana nut bread, chocolate covered cherry, peanut butter cup…you name it! It was a rainy horrible day that day and so a warm doughnut and hot cup of coffee was just heaven! And so Saturday, a few months later on another rainy day, I thought it was the perfect occasion to return :).

We got half a dozen, although I admit the variety is a bit lacking here… 4 OC Sand (honey glaze, cinnamon sugar) and 2 peanut butter cups (peanut butter glaze, chocolate chips). Helloooo beautiful!

Cooking School 163

Cooking School 164

Cooking School 166

As I’m sure you can tell, they are melt-in-your-mouth incredible! Although we all agree that this is one of those instances where less is more (which actually defies my usual life philosophy that more is more 🙂 ). The honey-cinnamon glaze really lets the flavor and texture of that delicious doughnut to shine through and therefore it’s the very best!

What’s your favorite splurge-worthy breakfast?? Do tell!

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Great (Falls) Easter

Welcome back from the weekend! Hope you enjoyed yourselves. Mine was just great – filled with lots of fun things! Friday we went to Againn for supper. They were serving special British desserts in honor of the Royal wedding – fruit cake (the wedding cake) and chocolate biscuit cake (William’s groom cake). We had fish and chips and bangers and mash and of course a slice of the chocolate biscuit cake :). The whole thing was so delish and English and I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! Total blog fail. Saturday I went to my old roomie Nicole’s engagement party (!) at Urbana wine bar. Sunday we went hiking in Great Falls and then to the brand new (SO amazing) Whole Foods in Rockville. Just fab!

But let’s start with hiking in Great Falls. It could not have been a more beautiful day! Take a look.

Cooking School 167

I’ve only really used my camera on foodie shots so it was fun to play around with it a bit outdoors. And of course you can’t beat the lighting :).

Cooking School 174

Cooking School 176

Cooking School 179

Cooking School 185

It was just the most gorgeous weather and there were TONS of people out for Easter picnics. Easter is not such a big holiday in my family but I do like to do something nice to mark the occasion and so a good hike was just perfect. It’s so nice to have nature so close to the city – one of the many reasons I love DC :).

A very fab Easter Sunday indeed! What did you get up to??

See you tomorrow!

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A Photo, A Song

Oh hello! Happy Friday.

So here’s what I’m thinking. As you probably know, I’m a bit obsessed with pretty foodie photography :). I love looking at various websites and blogs each week and picking out photos that I really find beautiful and inspiring. But then, I don’t actually do anything with them!

This idea stems from my roommate Anna’s old fashion blog, in which she used to feature an artsy photo each Friday with a glimpse at her weekend plans. I always really loved those posts! So how about each Friday on Dining and Dishing I do the same, only with foodie pics?

I’m going to try it out and see how I/you like it – and we’ll go from there. And while we’re at it, I thought it might be fun to throw a favorite song lyric in too. Although I have 0 musical talent, I listen to song lyrics really closely and am always hearing lines I just love. So I thought that would be a fun thing to share each Friday too.

So anyway, let’s get started. My very first Fave Foodie Photo of the week is:

This gorgeous picture from Jen of Keep it Simple Foods. Homemade VitaTops!

And for our song lyric, how about this one from Snow Patrol: You Could Be Happy – one of my very favorite song lines of my mid-twenties life :).

More than anything I want to see you girl, take a glorious bite out of the whole world.

And then if you’ve got a photo or a song line you love, feel free to link or share it in the comments section. Or weekend plans. I like hearing about those too!

So there we have it my friends. I will see you again soon!

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A Wednesday

Hi Bloggies! Can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Bring on the weekend :).

Yesterday I enjoyed a little mid-week fun and met up with the lovely Alex for HH at Kramerbooks. It was 80 degrees out (yay!) so we could enjoy our drinks outside. I ordered an organic apple cider which ended up being the most massive beer I’ve ever seen! But it was delish and you can’t beat a nice cool drink out in the springy sunshine :).

We met to talk cameras and photography classes as Alex is thinking of investing in the two. For any (DCer) who may be curious, the class I took was the Sam D’Amico Photography workshop on U Street. I really enjoyed it and felt like I got a lot out of the class so I really do recommend it. Something I’d not anticipated in how technical photography is. I’m so glad someone walked me through the various ways to use my new camera because trust – I would never take the time to tackle that giant manual on my own! I feel like once you have the technical basics down the creative part can be up to you. And since that’s the part I enjoy, it works out well!

After happy hour, supper.

Cooking School 149

Marinated chicken breast, cheddar polenta and peas. Served on my lovely new plate from my roomie’s mom. I have a new fondness for Goodwill after discovering how many fun plates and bowls you can find there. So blogworthy and so cheap! So it was very sweet of her to think of me with this one, which is definitely my taste :).

And this morning, some oats.

Cooking School 155

Considering my undying love for nut butters, I don’t seem to get through it very quickly! So it’s always a big occasion for me when I have a jar empty enough for oats-in-a-jar which really, is the best breakfast ever. Banana oats topped with granola, maple syrup and a couple of dried apricots all chopped up. Yum!

So there’s a simple little Thursday post for you. I am thinking of a fun idea for a Friday post series that I will be sure to share with you tomorrow! I think it will be a good one :).

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